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Dribbble Playing Card

The Logo Smiths Dribbble Playing Card

My New Dribbble Playing Card Created from Logo Portfolio

In an effort to create some visual consistency across my brand identity I've just updated my Dribbble Playing Card image.

I've been creating social media profile header images from my Monomark (logo mark collection): the visual component of a logo design displayed in glorious Techniblack.

The Logo Smiths Twitter Profile Header



I've recently updated my Twitter, Facebook Page and Google+ Page with similar page header images, and they all looking pretty striking I think.

Well, I'm happy with them.

These individual logo marks make a great mini logo design portfolio, and provide an instant glimpse into the overall graphic design style and range of ones work.

I've also added a cheeky little line which says, 'Hire The Logo Smith'. Why not, any call-to-action is a good call-to-action

They are also a nice little reminder to myself, at times of self doubt and such, that I'm actually pretty handy when it comes to creating logos. :)

The Logo Smiths Dribbble Graphic Design Playing Card

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This free font: Apple-Sans-Adjectives is certainly quite fun, and intriguing, but not so sure on the practical side of things

Apple-Sans-Adjectives was designed [email protected] & @Rich_Cahill, and they have kindly made this font available as a freed