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“No. I don’t design logos, I pull them out of my ass.” Design Logos Poster

No. I Don't Design Logos Poster

No. I Don't Design Logos - Ass Poster Updated

Download Vector file of all 3 Ass Posters

A refresh to my old favourite poster, "No. I don't design logos, I pull them out of my ass.", which is available for download in various styles.

Still makes me smirk when I see this, and think of the time when the idea for the poster came to mind. It was after a couple of challenging of client conversations about the logo design process, and I'd just about given up the will to live.

This poster gave me an outlet to purge my frustrations.

I have filled out the design with larger text with emphasis on ass. I think the reference to ass was lost on some; it's a nod to some peoples perception of what competent logo design involves as well as reaffirming that the buttocks are indeed a source for all your logo designs.

Added a mono version as well for all you purists.

Download Vector file of all 3 Ass Posters

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