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"If you're a designer, you ain't shit if you don't touch your face in photographs." — DTTF

I so had to get in on this fun. I love touching my own face, rarely a moment goes by when I'm not touching it in one place or another. Now I have a valid reason to share on my face touching photographs with you.

I get that this post, ideally, ought to be about the actual website: Designers Touching Their Faces, but I think a few more of me touching my first is more important.

You are just so very welcome.

Graham Logo Smith-3
Graham Logo Smith
Graham Logo Smith-14

Designers Touching Their Faces

And let's not forgot the reason I started making this post in the first place:

Designers Touching their faces

Once you have admired my photograph, then I suppose you could also take a look at the Designers Touching Their Faces Tumblr, by Nick Foster over on

I just love these Tumblr projects that pop up, and this one is close to my heart. Can't quite tell if it's a piss-take, or a serious homage to the art of face-touching…

Well done to Nick Foster for showing us the admirable company we are in.

I find myself, for the first time, wondering if I should be worried by these imitators. Touching ones face is a true art, it can't be taught, it's gift that keeps on giving…

This was found on Swiss Miss


PS: Oh, and as luck would have it, there is another one of me. The classic 'head in hand' trying to soothe that aching headache.

Graham Logo Smith-16


Checking to see if I'm still alive…

Graham Logo Smith-15 copy

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