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Concept Drawer : Beach Shack Logo Design

Concept Drawer is where I just preview some early stage concepts for new logo designs I am working on. Just a way to glimpse some of the early thoughts and designs that come up during a a typical project.

Being a concept, certain aspects of the logo will not be completely right or tuned in. So this is not a finished and complete logo design for the client, but it is a reasonably solid bit of artwork to show the client what I am thinking.

The Beach Shack

New concept for a home spun clothing and beach fashion company. Home based, they create distinct patterned cushions–the general style is based around coloured stripes–such as: pillows, blankets and casual beach wear.

It's a pretty low key affair, so they are looking for something quite down to earth but that still retains a clean classic style.

I used Clarendon Bold for this font–the first time I think I have used it for a logo–which I feel works really well for this UK home based business.

The idea was not to be too literall, but after a while I saw an idea that did use a Beach Shack but does so in a more neutral manor.

The importance here is what the visual of the Beach Shack represents. The hut not just a graphic of any beach hut, it signifies that this hut IS the Beach Shack, it is where everything originated–it didn't of course, I am weaving in a small background story with the company. So I am programming in a little made-up history, one that creates a nice overall feeling.

The positioning and placement of the icon is also relevant here; I am integrating both word and graphic to form this cohesive logo.

Did they at any time make stuff in a Beach Shack, or do they still have a beach shack where they sell stuff from? The idea is to just create a sense of curiosity rather than just relying on a literall graphic because it's relevant.


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