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Building A City With Cold Metal Type, By David B Smith, surely has to be one of THE most imaginative typographic, and letterpress projects, I have ever seen.

Having the realistion that old cold metal type—used in the creation of letterpress printing—could be arranged and fashioned to build a wonderfully realistic city scape, must have been a wonderful Eureka moment for David.

Would absolutely love to see this up close.

Letterology"Among his contemporary works on display, Type City is Jang's sprawling metalopolis seaport made of tall lead type buildings and boulevards bisecting the city into a topographic and typographic landscape.

With the patience of a skilled hand typesetter, he set the tall buildings of metal type upright so they are capped with individual letters.

Long lead piers stretch out to the sea, and empty city blocks and sidewalks of spacing material frame the city center."

Hong Seon Jang Type City by David B Smith

Hong Seon Jang Type City by David B Smith

Hong Seon Jang Type City by David B Smith

Hong Seon Jang Type City by David B Smith


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