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Pantone Swatch Album Art by David Marsh

April 16, 2012

May I first suggest you reduce these to around 5mm in width then marvel at how extraordinarily accurate these Pantone Swatch Albums are by David Marsh. There are many more examples over on David's website. I was loading up the images in WordPress (see below) when I saw the tiny tiny thumbnails. Pretty damn incredible. David explains to DesignBoom: "The purpose of this series is my own...
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Submit Your Logo Design For Part 18 of Logo Design Round-Up

April 16, 2012

imjustcreative-logo design
A while back I ran a series of posts that collected and displayed designers' logo designs as a way provide a nice platform to show and provide a write-up of how the logo came to be. Now collecting your logo for part 18. These would be the logo designs that you use to brand your own: freelance, self employed, studio, agency, company business. Look back through the last few years worth of collections to get an idea...
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The Clampersand: Typographically Superior to the ‘C’ Clamp

April 15, 2012

Have seen some great ampersands of later, but particularly fond of The Clampersand: Typographically Superior to the 'C' Clamp by LunchBreath. Something about the name Clampersand which sounds a little like some gruesome thriller movie title. Found on...
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Swiss Typefaces

April 14, 2012

swiss typefaces5
Firstly a quick mention about which is a Jason Kottke web application and is how I came across this link and many other excellent links. If you have not heard or checked out, and like the idea of more fulfilling link discoveries, then you ought to head over there now. Stellar is such a simple idea brilliantly implemented. It is now the first website/feed that I check as well...
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