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Exploring Audio Creativity With GarageBand

May 4, 2012

Been a fan of GarageBand for a long time and have a number of the expansion packs and such like. Make no mistake: I am not a musician, I can't read music or play any kind of instrument. That being said, I do feel I have a good ear for music and GarageBand provides me with that creative audio outlet which gives me immense joy and pleasure. I think it's so important to explore other creative avenues and what better...
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Evolution Of The Batman Logo 1941-2007 by Rodrigo Rojas

May 3, 2012

Evolution Of The Batman Logo by Rodrigo Rojas—I can't locate any kind of website that belongs to Rodrigo to link back to—charts the evolution of the this iconic logo from 1941 through to 2007. The video above was uploaded by Antupainamku in 2007 and has seen a huge number of reposts and reblogs, yet yesterday was the first time I recall seeing it. I really had no idea there were so many amazing iterations...
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Logo Design Round-Up Part 16

May 2, 2012

Logo Design Round-Up Part 16 is very long awaited. Really rather pleased to see so many designers submitting their own brand logo designs for this logo design round-up series. Unfortunately there were a few too many submissions to include in one post. For those of you who have submitted your brand logo please be rest assured that they will feature in the Logo Design Round-Up Part 17 which will be posted next...
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Ampers-Fan BBC Radio 4 Ampersand Documentary by Alistair Sooke

May 2, 2012

ampers-fan BBC radio 4 ampersand documentary
You'll need to be sharpish to listen to this as Ampers-Fan, a BBC Radio 4 Ampersand Documentary by Alistair Sooke, is of a highly time sensitive nature and will expire in 5 days from the date of this post. If you have half an hour whilst working then I recommend listing to this delightful documentary charting, "…the dark horse of the keyboard, the ampersand exists to join things together, yet remains set...
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Sic. Ego designabis formidabilis logos.

May 1, 2012

self promo sic ego
Ever since finding Google's Latin universal translator I have spent many moments trying to figure out the best English to Latin version of my "Yes. I design logos…" self-promo posters. It's snot so easy as it happens. If you happen to speak fluent Latin I would love to hear from you. Thinking I could do with Daniel from StarGate right about now. My language skills are non-existent, period, for which I am most...
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