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Logo Specification Sheets – 5 Page Logo Template For Download

March 21, 2012

Abacus Logo-???? Version
I have had these logo template specification sheets for Abacus Insurance Brokers (above) stuffed away in my digital archive in the cloud for a few months now, and didn't even think that they might be of use to other people. So in the same vein as my previous logo guideline and specification sheets: Single Page Logo & Four Page Logo & Identity Templates, I now proudly bring you the Logo Specification Sheets...
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Update To My Payment & Deposit Invoicing Strategy

March 19, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-03-18 at 12.07.52
Previously written a few posts on my strategy for dealing with proposals, deposit and overall payment breakdowns. Over the last few years I have tried a number of permutations of the above with various changes made to the amount of the initial deposit and final payment etc. I think I have, at last, found a formula that provides flexibility, peace of mind for both designer and client as well as overall fairness for...
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Harvest Church Logo Takes Shape

March 15, 2012

church logo design
Initial logo design idea/concept put forward for the Harvest Bible Church. The main challenge was to somehow link in the notion of harvest with the uber symbolic cross whilst keeping this particular church logo free of the visual clichés that often accompany many church logos. I was approached by the Harvest Bible Church after they had seen the general style of my existing logo portfolio so this was also a...
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Hipster Branding—by Dave Spengeler

March 15, 2012

hipsterbranding hewlett packard logo design
K Source Hipster Branding K Found on SwissMiss Hipster Branding—Holding up a mirror to the artsy community is a super cheeky logo and brand project by Dave Spengeler on Tumblr. There are certainly a few points to take away from looking at the first few logo interpretations, and fortunately I am not an overly hipster arty type according to Dave's formula. The logo directly above is certainly one...
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Logostack—Real World Logo & Brand Identity Inspiration

March 14, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-03-14 at 08.31.57
A heads up about Logostack. It took a small break January-February as I was I the midst of my first annual holiday, heavy client work load and the redesign of the imjustcreative website. In the last week I have updated the Logostack theme to reflect that of imjustcreative which means I am a lot happier. Logostack now feels more like a gallery/portfolio now of amazing—in my humble personal opinion of...
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