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My Google RSS Feed Reading List

April 19, 2012

Have had a number of people ask me for a reading list of what websites I regularly read so I have started building a Reading List (it's barely been started hence these intermediate downloads) page on imjustcreative. This will serve up a list of all the websites and provide individual RSS links. This is a side-project so will be a while before it's complete so until then I have a quick solution to share. I actually...
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Simon Walker Full Screen Typographic Logo Portfolio Update

April 18, 2012

design by simon walker There is little one can say to such stunning typographic logo design from the gifted hands of Simon Walker. What I absolutely love is how Simon has now provided a full screen width viewing experience, which given how detailed his typographic design is, is such a wonderful thing to experience. Simon has such a discernible typographic style. You'll nearly...
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Batman “Kick-Ass” Kinetic Type Showreel by Ryan Perera

April 18, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-04-19 at 14.05.10
"Kick-Ass" Kinetic Type from Ryan Perera on Vimeo. This kinetic animation is based around a scene from the movie Kick-Ass. I [Ryan Perera] used a hand-drawn esthetic to capture both the intensity and emotional value in the scene. K Found on...
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Pantone Swatch Album Art by David Marsh

April 16, 2012

May I first suggest you reduce these to around 5mm in width then marvel at how extraordinarily accurate these Pantone Swatch Albums are by David Marsh. There are many more examples over on David's website. I was loading up the images in WordPress (see below) when I saw the tiny tiny thumbnails. Pretty damn incredible. David explains to DesignBoom: "The purpose of this series is my own...
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