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March 29, 2012

self promo posters-shit like that
Time for another wry style self-promo piece. Started listening to Greg Proops: The Smartest Man in the World on Podcast last night and was in a constant state smirking and laughing. A phrase he seems to throw in quite often at the end of a particular piece is, "…and shit like that." I just find that a brilliant...
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Grand Central Terminal Anniversary Logo by Pentagram

March 27, 2012

K Source Pentagram New York City's Grand Central Station turns 100 years old next year and the prolific team at Pentagram were tasked with the job of creating a new logo for the event. In particular the Grand Central Terminal Anniversary Logo was the work of designer duo: Michael Bierut and Joe Marieaek, who designed the new logo based on the clock that sits above the central information booth in the...
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imjustcreative does

March 26, 2012

Only managed to do a few half-decent's but I am totally loving it. Takes a few goes to get the hang of the iOS app as well as taking still (non panning/shaking) video which seems to be the key to half decent animated GIF's. Took these two down the beach this morning. Put the iPhone down on the table and set to record then just masked out the the bits I wanted to loop. Few limitations at the...
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Brand Spirit by Andrew Miller

March 26, 2012

K Source Brand Spirit by Andrew Miller Brand Spirit by Andrew Miller (@andrewmillernyc) is a creative every day for 100 days branding project. Came across this project PSFK and I was immediately intrigued by the idea. No Photoshop editing here. Andrew, who works for Carbone Smolan Agency, is actually painting these objects with white paint which to create these brandless and designless objects....
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