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Stunning Letters Typographic Poster by Skinny Ships & 55 Hi’s

May 18, 2012

The Letters Typographic Poster by Skinny Ships
The Letters Typographic Poster by Skinny Ships & 55 Hi'sOi Oi! The Letters Typographic Poster by Skinny Ships & 55 Hi's is a stunning example of typographic postergraphy at it's very bestest.Ready! Go! The Letters Poster contains many original letter forms as well as being wonderfully presented via the 2-colour screenprint process in gloriously shiny metallic gold ink with each poster...
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The Prolific Evolution Of The 3M Logo Design, 1906-2012

May 18, 2012

Evolution 3M Logo Design 1978
The Prolific Evolution Of The 3M Logo Design, 1978 (above) We start this logo evolution of the 3M logo with the most recent which was introduced back in 1978.  Possible winner of logo with the most logo updates?The evolution of the 3M logo looks like a successful exercise in yo-yo backwards-forwards brand logo design. We zip from round contained logo designs (1938) to plain typographic designs (1937), oval...
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[Link] A Concise List Helvetica Alternatives From

May 18, 2012

Helvetica Alternatives from Typecache
Helvetica Alternatives From Typecache.comHey hey! Helvetica Alternatives From Typecache is a remarkably concise list of typefaces, or called Font Clusters, that could be used as an alternative to Helvetica.I have a number of the typefaces listed by Typecache in my own library, but there are quite a number here that are new to me. You may also be interested in my own, and far less impressive, list of Gotham...
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Helvetica Exploded Modular A2 Poster

May 17, 2012

Helvetica Exploded Poster
A2 Helvetica Exploded Poster from PrintHandBook.comYo yo! Really digg'n this A2 Helvetica Exploded Poster from For only £12 you get this wonderfully artsy Helvetica print that is separated into eight segments which should look rather cool on your design studio wall, or bathroom if you perv over things like this.The Helvetica posters are printed using Pantone 899, silver metallic ink, on...
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Brand Fixer #1—Yahoo Gets Fixed

May 16, 2012

Brand Fixer #1 Yahoo
Brand Fixer #1: Yahoo Gets Fixed—Fixing One Brand At A TimeThe Brand Fixer Pledge The Brand Fixer is on a mission to find & fix poorly functioning brands and/or logos of said brands.In most cases the brand and/or logo is beyond help or recovery, so the Brand Fixer adopts, and practices, the most humane method of brand repair: Duct Tape.The results are dramatic. See for yourself.The Brand Fixer uses...
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