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BackBoard – Feedback and Collaboration Tool

January 4, 2011


Follow up review

I reviewed Backboard way back in December, 2008, albeit a short and sweet one. It was project management app that I swore by, in terms of helping keep track of design revisions and feedback, Backboard just seemed to be best at doing it just right.

Not overly complicated with a steep learning curve, not too simple as to be useless.

Nothing much has changed with the way it works, so the few words I wrote about it back then are still relevant.…

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Fonts in Use featuring The Egotist Network

December 29, 2010


Whilst getting over Christmas, I was preparing a quick post about Fonts In Use (found on Coudal) but then they featured an article about The Egotist Network which I also wanted to post about. So now I can blog about both in one post. Convenient.

That pretty much sums up what Fonts in Use is about. The website is a lovely catalogue of typography in use in the real world, from branding, advertising, signage, packaging, publications, in print and online — all with an emphasis on the typefaces used.…

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An identity is not so much what a client does…

December 22, 2010

It’s common for people to ask ‘So, what do you do‘ as an opener in conversation, opposed to ‘who are you‘. Same with a project brief for a logo or identity design.

People believe that asking ‘what we do‘ defines who we/you are and once an answer is given, we are labeled accordingly. The mass stereotype begins.

Society often steers definition away from the self to the collective.…

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8Faces Typographic Magazine Giveaway Winners

December 18, 2010


A nice giveaway to do this one. 8Faces is a majestic typographic magazine so a big WOOP to the following 3 winners. Even luckier as it quickly sold out after I launched the giveaway.

8Faces Giveaway Winners

Ian Cylkowski – @Hexual
Sabrina Sturm – @die-sturm
David G – @ColourofAir

For the above winners, please email me your postal address. I have two copies right now and another on back order.…

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Updated 232MKSD Round – Free 3 Font Weights by @mksdsato

December 16, 2010

232mksd_744 free font

Seems Maniakers Design has been quite busy since releasing the original FREE 232 MKSD Font. It has now been updated with a huge range of extra glyphs.

Important to note that this covers both Round Light, Round Medium and Round Bold and that the family is still a free download.

Font Licence - There are some limitations for it’s use, so please read the Font License provided.…

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December 14, 2010

I have finally updated ALL the Unevolved Brand answers. Each time I post a new Unevolved Brand, I will also update the list.

I realise it’s not much fun if you have to wait ages to get the answer. So hope this helps.

Unevolved Brand Answers.

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Mini Crimbo Giveaway #2 – 8Faces Type Magazine 2nd Ed

December 12, 2010


Update : The printed edition is now Sold Out, so this is likely your only chance to grab a copy.

8Faces Typographic Magazine Giveaway

I have just 3-4 copies of the current 2nd edition of 8Faces, by Elliot Jay Stocks to give out. As they have just been ordered, they will be dispatched as soon as they are delivered.

It’s easy to enter, just leave a comment with Twitter ID or another way to contact you should you be picked out.

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