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Eric Gill-Gill Sans Letter "g" Deconstructed

Time to slip in some ultra classic typoporn in the naked and revealing form of the lowercase Gill Sans "g".

Gill Sans was designed by Eric Gill who was born in Brighton, 1882. As well as designing this longtime classic, Eric was a British sculptor, stone cutter and printmaker. Gill Sans was introduced in 1928, it became ubiquitous throughout the U.K. when it was used for the L.N.E.R.  railway system, appearing on every facet of the company’s identity, from station nameplates and schedules, to posters, ads and menus…

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Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Logo By Shepard Fairey

Digging the new Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Logo By Shepard Fairey which is featured on OBEY. Thankfully Richard kept to the original lips'n tongue of Jagger: tweaked a few lines here and there to keep it fresh.

DesignTaxi:The Stones’ new logo was based on their original, classic tongue and lips trademark designed by John Pasche in the 1971, which according to Fairey, is the ‘essence of rebellion and sexuality that is the allure of all rock ‘n’ roll."

A commentator on TAXI remarked that the right side of the lip, looking at it front on, looks like it's hanging weirdly low.

Strangely the original logo also has the lip hanging this far down (see comparison below), but you'll notice that the original tongue has more volume: flaring more dramatically towards the end, whereas the new tongue has lost some volume. This lip doesn't look/feel so low in the original logo?

New vs Old

To be perfectly frank with you: after staring at the comparison of old vs new that I much prefer the original Jagger mouth. The original one has more of a caricature look/feel than the new Jagger mouth which ultimately gives it more soul and personality.

The new logo isn't bad, but I just now feel some things would be better off left alone.

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Rolling Stones Logo Mouth


New York Magazine Logo Design by George Louis

H2oh! Logo Design by George Louis

Slip Logo Design by George Louis

Charley O's Logo Design by George Louis

MantelMen Logo Design by George Louis

The Mike Douglas Show Logo Design by George Louis

MTV Logo Design by George Louis

Atlantic Bank Logo Design by George Louis

BOSS Logo Design by George Louis

Shake It Hot Logo Design by George Louis

A lovely find by Thinking Form in the form of an all time classic collection of logo designs by creative master: George Lois, who was born 96/26/1931.

Thinking Form: George Louis is the only person who received both The Art Directors Hall of Fame and The One Club Creative Hall of Fame. He also received a lifetime Achievement Award from the American Institute of Graphic Arts and Society of Publication Designers.

I have included a few of my favourite logo designs out of the seven pages of logos available to view on George's website:

My absolute favourite is H2Oh! logo which was for Pepsi's pure bottled water. Shake It Hot is just a brilliant example of big, bold lettering which utterly gets the message across. The Slip brand name and logo is just utter class.

George's website is a must see and bookmark for the extreme variety of logo design styles that George was able to conceive for his clients. Some of these designs would rely on a great sense of confidence from the designer whilst presenting the concepts to the client due to their, often times, quirky/loud/bold style.

View more of George Lois' creative genius:

George Lois Profile Photograph

Iconify Homepage



Got a press release email from the guys over at (this is my own unique share link) the other day, and I have to say I am mighty curious with what they are working on. "Iconify is the only portfolio that turns creative professionals into icons (literally). Your portfolio will be a website and a downloadable app that is easily shared with others."

Can't give you any hands-on thoughts with this portfolio system, but from the demo and screenshots Iconify really looks rather sweet.

Yes to there being a million and two online portfolio services out there already—I have just updated my own Behance logo portfolio for the first time in about 20 years—but Iconify does look rather clean, well designed and presented.

It has all those necessary extras that we now come to expect: responsiveness, analytically ready, socially dialed in, super accessible and minimal for those that care about such things.

It's this last bit that looks awesome. Iconfiy has made it so that each web based portfolio can also be downloaded as an app that is easily shared with others. Looking forward to Iconify opening it's doors soon.

You can sign up to Iconify via this link:


100 Years of Paramount Pictures

100 Years of Paramount Pictures Icon Selection

100 Years of Paramount Pictures Icon Selection

100 Years of Paramount Pictures Icon Selection

What a delightful visual treat this 100 Years of Paramount Pictures poster is: celebrating Paramount's 100th Anniversary in glorious technicoloured icons.

Designed by L.A.’s Gallery 1988.

The poster consists of sweet sweet icons that represent Paramount's biggest movie releases, so the challenge is to see how many films you can name from those delicious icons.

Would love to know more about the creative process behind this, and how long it took as well, as an idea on how many ideas for each movie icon were tossed around.

Found via 100 Years of Paramount Pictures | Cartoon Brew.