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2x Dribbble Invites Right Here

May 5, 2012

Been sitting on these Dribbble invites for far too long so time to part with them. Not going to get you to jump hoops—pun slightly intended—for a chance to snag one, but neither am I just going to randomly give them out. To whom I give these Dribbble invites to it will all come down if I just dig your style of design. My choice isn't saying one is better over the other as it would be far too arrogant of me to...
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I shot the Serif! (but I did not shoot the sans-serif) by tothepoint

May 4, 2012

If you want your agency website to stand out from the rest then I Shot The Serif, by tothepoint,  is one way to go about it. Some might say tothepoint are following in the foot-steps of the controversial of over gamification of non game iPhone applications. Some might say it's rad and fun. I think that tothepoint has a cute way to make their website stand out in amongst 100's of competing creative...
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Exploring Audio Creativity With GarageBand

May 4, 2012

Been a fan of GarageBand for a long time and have a number of the expansion packs and such like. Make no mistake: I am not a musician, I can't read music or play any kind of instrument. That being said, I do feel I have a good ear for music and GarageBand provides me with that creative audio outlet which gives me immense joy and pleasure. I think it's so important to explore other creative avenues and what better...
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Evolution Of The Batman Logo 1941-2007 by Rodrigo Rojas

May 3, 2012

Evolution Of The Batman Logo by Rodrigo Rojas—I can't locate any kind of website that belongs to Rodrigo to link back to—charts the evolution of the this iconic logo from 1941 through to 2007. The video above was uploaded by Antupainamku in 2007 and has seen a huge number of reposts and reblogs, yet yesterday was the first time I recall seeing it. I really had no idea there were so many amazing iterations...
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Logo Design Round-Up Part 16

May 2, 2012

Logo Design Round-Up Part 16 is very long awaited. Really rather pleased to see so many designers submitting their own brand logo designs for this logo design round-up series. Unfortunately there were a few too many submissions to include in one post. For those of you who have submitted your brand logo please be rest assured that they will feature in the Logo Design Round-Up Part 17 which will be posted next...
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