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100 Years of Paramount Pictures In Glorious Technicoloured Icons By Gallery 1988

June 27, 2012

100 Years of Paramount Pictures
What a delightful visual treat this 100 Years of Paramount Pictures poster is: celebrating Paramount's 100th Anniversary in glorious technicoloured icons.Designed by L.A.’s Gallery 1988.The poster consists of sweet sweet icons that represent Paramount's biggest movie releases, so the challenge is to see how many films you can name from those delicious icons.Would love to know more about the...
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Identity & Lettering For “Louis” By Jon Contino

June 26, 2012

Identity and lettering for season two of "Louie"
Heard great things about this TV series called "Louis", by stand-up comedian: Louis C. K. over on FX Networks—also heard that Louis C.K. is now selling gig tickets direct to the public and thus cutting out the middle man. Way to go!So anyway: the talented Jon Contino (@joncontino) was responsible for the: Identity design, illustration, and lettering used in motion graphics development for season two of...
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TOPAZ: Macintosh Styled LED USB Light By Gem Hsin

June 19, 2012

Topaz Mac usb light
Been searching around for some new desk lamps of late to compliment my newly decorated studio, but all of them being mains powered which is no biggy, but I have been trying to reduce mains cable clutter rather than increase it.So I decided to see if I could find some decent USB desk lamps as a way to keep my recently tidied studio free of these excess power leads. My search came up with these Macintosh styled...
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Apple Macintosh Icon Prints By Susan Kare: The Original Apple Icon Designer

June 19, 2012

Susan Kare Apple Macintosh Icons
I have previously linked to these Apple Macintosh icon prints by Susan Kare (Kare Prints) on previous occasions blogs, but was reminded of them again as I came to find some prints for my studio. And well, these prints just sum up how I remembering spending my late teens playing with my friends Apple Macintosh Classic, and Commodore 64 of course, and they deserve a constant presence in the...
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