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Link: The Story of the ‘Apartment Therapy’ Squiggle Logo

April 12, 2012

K Read more on The Story of the Squiggle Logo Love this logo for Apartment Therapies and the story behind the squiggle idea proves that some things are not how they might be first interpreted. What's particularly intriguing is seeing where Apartment Therapies started out with the logo design. What follows is the internal dissatisfaction that can cause the ever-present gut to play up somewhat. I think...
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Yes. I design logos. For Realz.

April 11, 2012

self promo posters-for realz
I feel that there is an endless supply of words and phrases for me to use in these Helvetica based self-promotional posters. This is good for me, but very bad for...
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Link: Does a large x-height make fonts more legible? by Ralf Herrmann

April 11, 2012

K Original Article on Opentype I have a particular fondness for fonts that have larger x-heights than those that do not, which is such a sweeping generalization to make, that I couldn't tell you specifically why other than in my head I know exactly why. Ultimately for what I do, mostly creating logo designs, font selection is frighteningly crucial as you only have a few letters and these take the stage...
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No! That’s Spec Work – A Comic by Brad Colbow

April 11, 2012

Always liked Brad's comic strip on NetMagazine as well numerous toon's on his own website. I'm personally not die-hard anti-spec, but it amuses me no end to see how hot-under-the collar some people get over this. You shouldn't really feel threatened by spec-work if you are simply just bloody good at your job and know how to market, brand, advertise your own services. I often wonder: it's the very people who get...
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Ink Butter – Tattoo Aftercare Branding by Alan Ariail

April 10, 2012

ink butter logo
There is everything right with Ink Butter - Tattoo Aftercare from the package design, the typography and the actual idea of looking after your "ink". Get your own Ink Butter for $18 which will help heal your tattoo, nourish your skin with essential minerals, vitamins and antoxidants. Who knows if it actually works, but it's still a cool commercial idea which I am sure will sell well. Considering a bottle for...
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