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Building A City With Cold Metal Type By David B Smith

May 10, 2012

Hong Seon Jang Type City by David B Smith
Hong Seon Jang—Type City By David B Smith Building A City With Cold Metal Type By David B Smith surely has to be one of THE most imaginative typographic and letterpress projects I have seen ever. Having the realistion that old cold metal type, used in the creation of letterpress printing, could be arranged and fashioned to build a wonderfully realistic city scape must have been a wonderful...
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Brand Indifferenti (Mesh-Ups) Engraved On Plexigras By Tommaso Guerra

May 9, 2012

Ford and Fiat Mesh-Up
Stylish Brand Mesh-Ups By Tommaso Guerra So I have coined a phrase, "Brand Mesh-Ups", for the fun Indifferenti branding project by Tommaso Guerra. Tommaso has taken competing brands and meshes them together. Love the manor in which Tommaso has presented his Indifferenti brand logos which are engraved on Plexiglas. If you like these then you may also like my own Brand Reversions project which...
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Another 4 Letters & Cross Logo With A Twist By Tom Jaeger

May 9, 2012

tom jaeger brand identity and logo
A Brand Identity System By Tom Jaeger We have seen quite a number of these fine line cross with 4 letters logo design of late. This particular logo design trend even made it to the Hipster Branding Project, but Tom Jaeger certainly adds a new twist to this simple design. Not sure I am a fan of the use of these seemingly random shapes being used to help make the logo stand out more: remove these random...
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How I Create A Logo Design Brief Using Gravity Forms & Template

May 9, 2012

Gravity Forms Email
A Logo Design Brief Form Using Gravity Forms This is quick summary of Gravity Forms which I use to create my Logo Design Brief Form as well as providing you with a PDF template of it for you to download. I have previously posted a few articles detailing how I go about collecting information for the logo design brief. In these earlier dark dark days I relied extensively on Google Doc's to provide the means to display...
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Walter Landor On Design, Branding & Landor 1977 [Video]

May 8, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-05-08 at 22.38.15
Prepare yourself for a dazzling hair style by the leather jacket clad scarf wearing presenter—I would love to know what this presenter does now, and would love to see if he still has any hair. This video shows the way of a creative agency before pretty much everything we take for granted in our professional lives now. From YouTube: Walter Landor, founder of Landor Associates, was interviewed by a journalist from...
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