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Just like design, books can be quite subjective. Some books speak for themselves, some need help reaching a audience. I had no such reservations with David Airey's first book, based on his logo design website titled "Logo Design Love". Pulling in everything to do with successful logo and brand identity design, this book really achieves what many books seem to fail to do.

Been after Logology for some time, specifically had it on back-order with for about 4 months. Each month they would email me saying it was delayed. Then finally, last week, they emailed me saying they would have to cancel the order as the publishers of Logology no longer had any copies available.

Just had to share these photos of typography in and around New York City. Taken by a friend of mine, Maxine (wander_by_trade), they show a bewildering variety of typography based subway signage, posters, general signs as well as decades old wood and stone building engravings. Not to mention the odd appearance of Helvetica.

Came across this article 'How to choose a new logo' on the IdentityForum part of the Identity Works website. Some interesting points of view from the author Marius Ursache. As usual with these open ended discussion pieces, the subsequent comments provide interesting and enlightening reading.

A huge selection of vintage logos taken from a 1970's book called 'World of Logotypes'. This is a great Flickr set and was put together by Mr Carl. Definitely worth a look as its gives you an appreciation of work and styles done decades ago, yet many still look fresh. Logotypes, logomarks, initials, monograms, icons, symbols, every style of logo is there.

Stunning typographic posters from HappyCentro. This series is a part of a whole alphabet. The concept was: Take a letter of an alphabet, looking for a selection of 10 cities in the world that starts with this letter, say which languages are spoken in these places, say where are you from and which is your language. It was a research project around the concept of the TRAVELLING.

Kilogram font is designed by Karl from Kalle Graphics and was based on a font called Anagram by Nick Curtis. Kudos to Karl for designing such a stunning font and not charging for it. Not to mention the work Karl has put into creating the various promo designs for Kilogram, some of which are here. Visit his website to see the full collection of designs based on Kilogram.

The logo is the one constant in their marketing and advertising armory. It will be around when the last brochure becomes out of date, when the business moves location, when the website is due for a system wide redesign, when the CEO or MD retires, when their own clients come and go, when the Conservatives get back in power...

This is just a sneak peek of a logo and identity design I recently completed for a ladies lingerie/underwear/undergarments company, 'Unholy'. The Sneak Peek is to provide an initial view of the logo images and is linked to my portfolio. An in-depth 'logo design process' post will be done in time brief and to the point information on that design. It will be linked to the images currently

"I’d like to ask if there’s a noticeable benefit to updating a wide range of sites for you. Would love to know if “expanding your reach” through the use of many portfolios as opposed to a few has truly lead to worthwhile client relationships." That was a question posed to me in a comment on a earlier post titled 22+ Creative online portfolio sites and felt it warranted a small