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Alpha Release: The imjustcreative Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme

May 8, 2012

wordpress theme on Logo Stack
I have been promising a download of the portfolio WordPress theme that I use here on imjustcreative for about 8 months now. Reason for the long delay is that the design has seen ongoing changes which has meant it's been hard to pin down a version for download. The initial design I said I would offer up for download now looks quite different to what I am using here on imjustcreative, but it is very similar to what I am...
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Watercolor Typography & Logos by Sasha Prood

May 7, 2012

Sasha Hearts Paper
I was drawn to the work of Sasha Prood by way of DoobyBrain which initially showed some of the amazing watercolour typography work, but I then noticed on Sasha's portfolio the intricate watercolour logo work. La Buena Foods (above) is particularly beautiful. Hiring Sasha Prood would be one way to guarantee a level of uniqueness not generally found in pure digitally created identity design. K...
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Polamatic (Official Polaroid™) App — Brings back the instant Polaroid magic

May 6, 2012

Polamatic App by Polaroid™ 3
Polamatic App by Polaroid™ (AppaDana)— Brings back the instant Polaroid magic (and hopefully set-off an app war with Instagram/FaceBook?) Polamatic is an officially licenced iOS app from Polaroid: awesome. Read more on this: Polaroid Polamatic™ Mobile Application for iOS Wouldn't it be great if Polaroid, as well as now having it's own iOS photography app, also had it's own sharing network? A...
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Valentina Typeface—Free Font—Designed by Pedro Arilla

May 5, 2012

Valentina typeface 1
Valentina is a lovely antique Spanish didone designed by Pedro Arilla, Spain. What makes this typeface all the more special is that there is a lovely story behind Valentina—which you can read up on Pedro's Valentina Behance page—as well as Pedro making this entirely free to use for both commercial and personal. Valentina-Regular Version 1.0: upper case, Lower case, alternate lower case, 457...
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2x Dribbble Invites Right Here

May 5, 2012

Been sitting on these Dribbble invites for far too long so time to part with them. Not going to get you to jump hoops—pun slightly intended—for a chance to snag one, but neither am I just going to randomly give them out. To whom I give these Dribbble invites to it will all come down if I just dig your style of design. My choice isn't saying one is better over the other as it would be far too arrogant of me to...
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