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Type Hero #6—Kessel 205 By Talbot Type

July 8, 2012

Type hero Kessel 205
Great launch offer on Kessel 205, designed by Talbort Type, over on MyFonts at the moment. Pick up this great geometric style font for only $59 which includes 5 weights: thin, light, book, bold and heavy.It's not a million miles off from CodePro by FontFabric, but Kessel is wider and has that tilted lowercase e which you see from time to time.MyFonts: Kessel 205 is inspired by the classic, geometric...
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Mac Pro Goes Wireless With Airport Express—Extreme Card Not Needed

July 6, 2012

Apple Airport Express Base Station Underside
There are a few ways to get your Mac Pro working wirelessly: one of the common methods is to have one of the Apple Airport Extreme Cards fitted by Apple, or trying the fiddly procedure yourself.I didn't like the look of the DIY option with the Apple upgrade option meaning having to be without my Mac Pro for at least a few days, not a reasonable option given my current work load.Another option is to use...
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Apple’s Icon Ecosystem By Chris Sauve

July 5, 2012

Apple’s Icon Ecosystem is an indispensable article, and/or resource by Chris Sauve (@pxldots) if you design Apple Macintosh iOS icons for a living, or are thinking about designing them at some point.I have designed a few iOS icons myself: Feedly (being the first), Extensive Font Fuse, (unused), Happiest (recent) and Macintosh app icons for Sifter, and it's fair to say I would have found this superlative...
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Retina Wallpapers by Tim Van Damme @MaxVoltar on Dribbble

July 5, 2012

Wallpaper Retina for Cinema Display
Retina Wallpapers by Tim Van DammeTim Van Damme (@MaxVoltar) has put together this colourful set of Retina quality Macintosh OS and iOS desktop wallpapers. If you like to colour coordinate your precious Apple family then this set will provide you with wallpapers for: 27" Cinema Display, iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro.I made some wallpapers for your retina devices:— Tim Van Damme...
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Deconstructed: Lowercase g in Gill Sans

July 3, 2012

Eric Gill-Gill Sans Letter "g" Deconstructed
Time to slip in some ultra classic typoporn in the naked and revealing form of the lowercase Gill Sans "g".Gill Sans was designed by Eric Gill who was born in Brighton, 1882. As well as designing this longtime classic, Eric was a British sculptor, stone cutter and printmaker. Gill Sans was introduced in 1928, it became ubiquitous throughout the U.K. when it was used for the L.N.E.R.  railway system, appearing on...
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