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6 Famous Brand Logos Adapted to Chinese by Stephen Wright & Niek van Wigerder

March 13, 2014

Kit Kat Logo Design in Chinese
6 Famous Brand Logos Adapted to Chinese by Stephen Wright & Niek van Wigerder This is a pretty extraordinary brand logo project we have here. These Chinese brand logos were developed and translated by, Stephen Paul Wright, and his illustrator Friend, Niek van Wigerder. They are a Shanghai-based creative team, and set out to, as a fun side-project, to reinterpret six Western brand logo designs into Chinese...
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Need to Find a UK Web Host? I Have Used YorkUK Hosting for 7 Years

March 10, 2014

YorkUK Hosting
  If you've been following me on Twitter over the last year, you might have seen the odd Tweet describing countless problems I had been experiencing on a daily occurrence with my website. From having no problems whatsoever, hosted with York Networks since 2006, the last year or so had seen a complete downturn in site reliability and a deluge of hacks, attacks, bots and spam. I was experiencing all manor...
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Type Hero #8: Glober Type System Designed by Ivan Petrov of Font Fabric

March 3, 2014

Glober font by Font Fabric
  Some of the offers on Myfonts are simply ludicrous. When you consider HOW much effort, skill, passion goes into the research and development of just one font, let alone a complete typeface family, it does make me wonder how on earth they can sell the complete Glober Sans-Serif Type System: 18 weights, for (currently) £11.60 which is 90% off their recommended pricing. This is a great type...
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