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TP PT Logo-Design-for-Sale Designed by The Logo Smith

tp pt logo design for sale

PT TP Initials Logo Design For Sale

This PT TP logo for sale is based on the initials P and T, but given the relative positions of the letters, both versions are equally viable, so you could have the initials in either of these two combinations.

This would make a great personal logo mark, monogram of sorts, for example if your christian and surname start with PT TP etc. This logo mark would also work very well as a strong, bold and very clean company logo.

There are a number of style options available according to your requirements: colours, and any custom wording you may need.

Logo Design Details

This overall size was designed with an iOS application icon also in mind, so it will work across all smartphone platforms, as well as social media profile image use etc

The cost for this logo and icon design, is £750, and includes: alternative colour options (the colours shown are just possible options), new wording, Logo Master Sheet, Letterhead Design and full Transfer of Ownership (copyright) from me to you.


This is an exclusive logo design, and will only be sold the once. If you buy this logo design, then you'll receive all copyright and artwork, and you'll be free to do with this logo as you see fit. I will not sell this logo design again, once it has been sold.

Interested in Buying This Logo Design?

If you are interested in buying this logo design, then please send me an email to: [email protected] and I'll get back to you.

TP PT Logo-Design-for-Sale Designed by The Logo Smith


Screenshot 2015-06-19 08.04.16


Further to my post last week, AlotVine Steals My AV Logo & Uses It To Make Money, it turns out that AlotVine used the infamous website, to pay a 'logo designer' $5 for my AV logo. Yes, you heard that right: a logo designer on appropriated/stole my AV Logo, in it's complete unamended form, and sold it onto ALotVine.

Now this clearly places Fiverr, the logo designer in question, AND ALotVine in a very tricky situation, as I still demand full payment for my AV logo.

I sort of understand the position that AlotVine finds themselves in, as they apparently didn't outright 'steal' my logo, but they are still using a logo design that is NOT their property, no matter how legitimately they believe they came about it.

So, I will partially take-back my initial accusation that AlotVine 'intentially' stole my logo, but the fact remains: they ARE using my logo without my permission. I don't care that they believe they have already paid for the logo, they haven't paid me.

One still has to question the questionable business decision to use a design on Fiverr to brand a VERY popular Youtube company, one that simply makes alot of money off other peoples' Vine video's.

I would like to see both Fiverr and the logo designer being sued in some form or another, be it AlotVine or myself. Watch this space…

AV-Logo-Design-by-Graham-Logo-SmithAV VA logomark 1 for Sale designed by Graham Smith copy


Screenshot 2015-06-19 08.05.27

Screenshot 2015-06-19 08.04.16

AlotVine Steals My AV Logo & Uses It To Make Money

Getting sick and tired of people stealing my portfolio, individual logos, passing them off as their own work, but this is the first time someone has stolen one of my Logos for Sale, and actually has the audacity to so blatantly use it for their business.

Screenshot 2015-06-19 08.40.43


AlotVine are clearly making money from YouTube advertising, and t-shirt sales, so reckon they can now afford to pay me. Shame on you ALotVine, and I'm waiting for payment, royalties and interest!

I'm not sorry I've taken this straight to Social Media, rather than approach ALotVine privately, as I'm just far to angry to care.

AV VA logomark 1 for Sale designed by Graham Smith copy AV-Logo-Design-by-Graham-Logo-Smith

Famous Logos as Lego brands

Lego Brands - Famous Logos in Lego Style by Kamil Piatkowski

Lego Brands: As Kamil Piatkowski explains, in his own words: "Each of us has a brand that has always accompanied him and without which life can not exist. For me as a child was the Lego brand, and over the years these brands appeared more and more.

That's why I came up with the idea to present them in the style of the first beloved brand - each of them is constructed with Lego blocks. Presented are 10 logos that influenced in some way in my life. For many of you, these brands are equally close."

Lego Logo as Lego brands


Clearly the Lego Brands are not actually made with Lego bricks, which is a slight disappointment, as that would have been too cool to see: I fear probably not even remotely possible…

What I do see, if you remove the 'lego circle shapes', is more of an 8-bit bitmapped style of logo, which is still very cool.

Incidentally, one of my favourite logo design projects, Pure Storage, did have their logo created in Lego, which you can see here: Pure Storage Logo in Lego

FedEx Logo as Lego brands Puma Logo as Lego brands VW Logo as Lego brands Batman Logo as Lego brands Adobe Logo as Lego brands Atari Logo as Lego brands Apple Logo as Lego brands Nike Logo as Lego brands Instagram Logo as Lego brands Behance Logo as Lego brands Facebook Logo as Lego brands

Famous Logos as Lego brands

Found via Iconic Logos Of Popular Brands Playfully Recreated With Colorful LEGO Bricks, on DesignTaxi