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Kerr Recruitment Logo and Brand Identity ReDesign
Portfolio Update: I'm fortunate to be collaborating with Positive Advertising on this project for Kerr Recruitment. This logo and brand identity redesign project is still currently in development, but I'm happy to share the process so far of this logo and brand

Helvetica Wine Bottle: A Sans-Serif Wine
This has just made my Friday! Thanks to Kris Kolvin for letting me know about this beauty. We've had a whole variety of Helvetica themed goodies in the past, from the Helvetica Bike, Helvetica The Perfume: "The Scent of Nothing", the gorgeous Helvetica Moleskines and a

Brooklyn Bridge Letterpress Type Poster - Limited Edition (1,500 copies)
Shortly after publishing the Helvetica, Futura and Garamond Typeface Illustrations post yesterday, and referencing some older typographic work by Cameron Moll, I didn't realise that Cameron has just finished his latest masterpiece: the Brooklyn Bridge Letterpress Type Poster.

This was

Typeface Illustrations designed by POP and Pär Ågren
These lovely typeface illustrations, designed by POP and Pär Ågren, remind me a little bit (in a much smaller scale) of the fantastic typographic illustrations that Cameron Mall designed, such as the Coliseum and Salt Like Temple typographic posters, a few

Being a freelance logo designer, or any other designer for that matter, we often see our fair share of NDA's—what is an NDA: Non-Disclosure Agreement?—that are dispatched by way of potential clients. Signing an NDA doesn't mean you got the job, far from it, just