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If you need a logo designed, if no one else can help…

February 10, 2014

If you need a logo designed
Yup, gratuitous self promotion time. Frankly, it's been a somewhat sloth pace like start to the year, and a couple of logo project cancellations has left me with more space in my calendar than I would like. "I need a logo designed!" If you are looking for a 'professional' logo designer—I do so much hate using that overused word, professional, it just makes one sound so dick'ish, but there are reasons to use it...
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Star Wars Icon Set-Free Download by Jory Raphael

January 31, 2014

These Star Wars icons were initially designed as part of an icon-a-day (year of icons) project, furiously designed by Jory Raphael (@sensibleworld), who incidentally, also masterminded the popular Symbolicons. Jory has now combined all the individual Star Wars icons, and packaged them up as one complete Star Wars Icon Download. Jory Raphael: "I thought it was time to update my free Star Wars icons. I posted a...
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