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The Art of Logo Design Video by Off Book from PBS

August 13, 2012

The Art of Logo Desig, by PBS Off Book, is a terrific video that goes on to consider the actual thought, and artistic thinking, that can go into many of the logo and symbol designs that we view every single day.

A video presentation like this is a nice way to better appreciate the true value of a well thought out logo design. Now we need to get this video out there, like proper out there, so that as many people as possible—and I’m thinking potential people/companies considering a new logo design—can soak it all up.…

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Stylish Typographic Jokes in Poster Form by Gary Nicholson

August 7, 2012

Gary Nicholson Typographic Jokes

Ha. These typographic joke posters by Gary Nicholson are the dogs bollox. Fine puns delivered with devastatingly cool typographic style.

My favourite is: “Get with the Times, New Roman” with “The Carnage was Grotesk, but Akzidenz Happen” coming a very close 2nd.

» Source: Gary Nicholson

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Me at the London Olympics Courtesy of Samsung Mobile

July 27, 2012

It’s been an odd odd week for me, but one that has culminated in an amazing opportunity and experience. Through a London based agency (see end of post), Samsung Mobile have been seeking a few designery tech blogger types to take to the London Olympics with the goal of putting their Samsung Galaxy Note (Part 1 & Part 2) through it’s paces in an amazing sporting environment.

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The Stunning Rio 2016™ Olympic Font Design by Dalton Maag

July 24, 2012

Rio 2016™ Olympics font by Dalton Maag

This is one seriously delightful font, designed by the prestigious Dalton Maag, for the Rio 2016 Olympics. What truely amazes me is how bloody hard it has to be has to be create a totally unique, yet stunningly beautiful, brush script style font, and Dalton Maag have utterly blitzed that challenge.

I took one look at this and instantly fell in love with it’s flowing curvy shape whilst having it’s own unique style, and let’s not forget to mention aspects of the fonts’ lettering having been inspired from real world geographical forms, and physical objects.…

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A Street Map Made From Movie Names: The Film Map by Dorothy

July 23, 2012

Film Map - Original Open Edition

The Film Map, by Dorothy, looks like it will be groovy and conversational display piece for your interior wall of choice. On that wall you would be hanging a 4 colour litho print on 120gsm uncoated art paper sized 60cm x 80cm.

I’m particularly fond of the little arrow pointing to a little blue pond labled as Creature from the Black Lagoon.

It is a wonderfully imaginative design piece, and the original open edition litho print can be yours for £25 plus P&P, or you can buy the Limited Edition for £100.…

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Book—Identity Suite: Visual Identity in Stationery by Victionary

July 23, 2012

Identity Suite- Visual identity in stationery

A good design book is one of the key ingredients in obtaining and ferreting out inspiration for your next design piece. There are no shortage of logo design books from which to harness the power of inspired thoughts, but it’s important to have the bigger picture in mind.

This is where Identity Suite: Visual Identity in Stationery by Victionary—someone needs to tell them that their current website design, specially colour choice and the general tinyness of everything, leaves a little to be desired—as it provides a tremendous resource for when you are tasked with creating more than ‘just’ that logo.…

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The Checkmark Style iOS App Icon Hall of Shame

July 17, 2012

I had this idea to do a constructive break-down of all the iOS productivity applications in the Apple App Store that used the checkmark/tick as the primary/secondary design focus.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to look at some of the many app icons that utilise the ever popular checkmark/tick.

This wasn’t about criticising or highlighting badly or brilliantly designed icons—there are some wonderfully designed checkmark styled icons like CheddarThings, OmniFocus—it was simply going to be a sobering run down of how many apps use this overused visual image.…

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