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Googles Alphabet Logo

Googles Alphabet Logo - My Review

Googles Alphabet logo (Googles new holding company) is very nice. Visit the following link for even more insightful comments about Alphabet's logo: Google Announces It’s All Grown-Up With Alphabet’s New Logo


Pantone Cafe

The Pantone Cafe on Monaco's Beach

One can now experience Pantone not just from their Pantone Hotel, but now also a delightful Pantone Cafe, located in the French Riveria, or more accurately, the Côte d'Azur.

CONCEPT: "From 14 July to 9 September, the esplanade of the Grimaldi Forum will host the first colorful Pantone & Cafe.

Pantone no introduction. In 1963, Lawrence Herbert, Pantone founder created an innovative system of identification, color communication and correspondence in order to solve the problems associated with producing accurate color in the graphic arts community.

Since, Pantone has evolved and collaborates with various industries in the world of fashion, design, art, painting, technology ... His strong concept is recognized and implemented internationally. It combines perfectly with the cultural place that is the Grimaldi Forum.

Especially during the famous summer themed exhibitions."

Pantone Cafe

I still can't make up my mind if all these Pantone themed establishments is bordering on the naff, or actually really very cool. Not having been to either, I guess I should reserve judgment until I have.

it's worth remembering how established Pantone is given it's been around since the 1950's, so this relatively slow trickle of significant Pantone theme offerings, can be viewed in context. colour is life, and colour creates beauty, energy and passion. So mix all that with coffee, and surely that's a recipe for success.

Found via Brand Channel: Pantone Adds a Vibrant Swatch of Color to New Café in Monaco

Pantone Cafe


The Pantone Cafe Menu

Pantone Cafe, totally ephemeral, will be open from breakfast with coffee and croissants and will, throughout the day, drinks, sandwiches, focaccia, snacks and Italian ice creams.

pantone cafe menu

The Cheeky Reality behind Product Packaging

Packaging: The Cheeky Reality

What I particularly love about this post: How Packaging Works, over on Jonhson Ban's blog, is how there is absolutely no write-up, no text, no copy, no written explanation or opinion.

These photographs clearly show the reality behind some types of product packing.

The 'packing' of certain brands of crisps have always bothered me. A normal size crisp bag, full of air and less than half full (often one third full) of crisps.

In this case for me, the obvious excess of 'air' and lack of content when you rip the back open, and the air escapes, makes me feel I'm being ripped off, rather than doing the opposite of trying to make me feel I'm getting value for my money.

Some, even many, brands are able to achieve the balance of product and packaging quite well, or at least to a point where you don't feel you are being obviously ripped off. However, some do make you wonder about the blatant attempt to pull the wool over our eyes, and to make 'less seem more', even though it often feels the complete opposite to what they are trying to achieve. To the extent if can feel really quite patronising.

And we end with natures own efficient and 'packing' of a banana.

The Cheeky Reality behind Product Packaging

The Cheeky Reality behind Product Packaging

The Cheeky Reality behind Product Packaging


The Cheeky Reality behind Product Packaging

The Cheeky Reality behind Product Packaging

The Cheeky Reality behind Product Packaging


The Cheeky Reality behind Product Packaging