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Vintage Cover Designs From The US Space Program

April 4, 2013

Space Programme Cover Designs

A stunning collection of 20 American space (NASA) program: covers, reports, brochures and other vintage era space themed design and typography all from an upcoming: 2013 April 18 Space Exploration Signature Auction by Heritage Auctions.

Just trying to imagine the excitement of having the responsibility to create such historic pieces of design. My favourite cover is this last one above for the Gemini Press Reference Book, but in general there is some gorgeous typography through out the entire collection.…

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March 1, 2013

iconify 4


Affiliate Links: Links to Iconify in this post are of the affiliate variety. This means that if you sign-up to the paid plan I get a nice little financial kick-back. I don’t usually do affiliate stuff, but I’m making an exception in this case a clean, fast, responsive and minimal logo portfolio

I did an ever so tiny write-up on a while back: Iconify—An Online, Responsive, Minimal & Downloadable Portfolio App before I had chance to use it myself.…

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Designer Expenses: What Do You Claim For?

December 18, 2012

Been very busy with client work of late, and so I decided to cut back on elements of blogging and twitteresque activities in order to better focus on the job at hand.

With that has come a nice sense of freedom and clarity, as well as leaving more time to deal with the annual accounts of a self-employed logo designer.

Have nearly managed to get my accounts done in time for Christmas, which compared to last year is a massive improvement.…

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Mini Review—Makeappicon: Generate app icons of all sizes in a click!

November 20, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 11.05.39

Interesting web based application in the form of The simple idea is to slip in your 1024px icon master then makeappicon hurls out a number of popular app icon size for both iOS and Android.

I tried it ‘oh so quickly with my simple grape iOS app icon and it gave me 10 new app icon sizes in about 3 seconds.

Please note that I have not opened up and checked these individual files for quality, signs of degradation or other ‘too good to be true’ unwanted pixel scenarious.

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The $999 Olympus OM-D vs $7995 Leica Monochrom

November 17, 2012

Like a number of other people, I have realised that relying on the iPhone for photography has become a lazy ass way to rely on taking all photographs. I got interested in photography as a 5 year old, and my Father got me my first SLR, a Canon T70, when I was 12, and ever since then had been very much into digital photography until…

The first iPhone arrived at a time when I was just about ready to upgrade my trusty Canon EOS 300D, and became a devout iPhone photo taking butt head.…

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Logology 2: The Wonderland of Logo Design by Victionary

October 10, 2012


Logology 2: another soon to be classic logo design book that had slipped me by, but one I shall not be without given the utter nightmare of trying to get hold of the ultra hard to find orginal Logology.

I ended up finding some obscure online shope somewhere in Antartica that had one copy of the first edition of Logology to hand, and if you are able to find a copy it is certainly worth paying a premium for just for the embossed leather cover itself.…

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