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How Many Times Can You Spot My Pure Storage Logo In This Funny Promo Video?

February 23, 2014

Pure Storage Video Never ceases to amaze me how cool Pure Storage is as a company, and the lengths they are prepared to do to market and advertise their company. Obviously it's super cool for me seeing the Pure Storage logo I designed for them being applied in so many ways! The video itself is pretty darn funny, and you need to check time-stamp: 1:30… "And with all that dee dupe, your probably wondering...
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Hazy Evening Sun: Seaford Beach Photograph – Free To Download and Use

February 21, 2014

Hazy Evening Sun - Seaford Beach
  Hazy Evening Sun: Seaford Beach Photograph "One of my favourite photographs of Seaford beach, early evening. Taken during a brief lull in the recent storms that have hit the UK". I have a vast selection of scenic, landscape, architectural photographs spanning back many years and decided to select, and designate a number of them as Free To Download and Use, with the following Creative Commons...
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Minimal, modernist silkscreened posters of Wes Anderson films, designed by David Klinker

February 20, 2014

Wes Anderson Film - Fantastic Mr. Fox screen print poster
Lovely package of minimal, modernist silkscreened posters which are inspired by Wes Anderson's films, all designed by David Klinker from Orange & Park. The whole project is titled: Swiss Anderson, the reason being all the silkscreened posters set in Aksidenz Grotesk, which is nice. :) Kickstarter: A series of eight minimal, modernist silkscreened posters inspired by the films of Wes Anderson. My name is...
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