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Bike Shop Logo Design by The Logo Smith Cycle Shop Logo Design by The Logo Smith

Bicycle Store Logo Design by The Logo Smith

Roadbar Riders - Bicycle Shop Logo Design for Sale

This cycle shop logo for sale is based on a rather cute idea of some road bicycle 'dropped' handlebars forming the shape of a windy road. I couldn't decide between: RoadBar RIders and RodeBar Riders, as both conveyed the same notion of riding a bike on the road.

The overall style and layout of this logo allows for 3 main logo lock-ups, which also should translate well to hanging exterior signs and interior signage etc. The actual logo mark is also clean and bold enough to translate really well to embroidered shop uniforms, and other 'physical' items of branding and marketing merchandise.

The wording in this logo 'could' be used as the name of the shop, but you'd need to be quick and snap up the relevant domains! I have secured both and, and these will come included with the logo (I'll transfer the domain ownership once sold)

Logo Design Details

As the name, and tag-line, is quite an integral part of this logo and brand design, the cost of this logo for sale is higher than the logos without any specific brand naming.

The cost for this logo and brand name is £1500, and includes: both .uk domains ' &', alternative colour options (the colours shown are just possible options), new wording, Logo Master Sheet, Letterhead Design and full Transfer of Ownership (copyright) from me to you.


This is an exclusive logo design, and will only be sold the once. If you buy this logo design, then you'll receive all copyright and artwork, and you'll be free to do with this logo as you see fit. I will not sell this logo design again, once it has been sold.

Interested in Buying This Logo Design?

If you are interested in buying this logo design, then please send me an email to: [email protected] and I'll get back to you.

Bicycle Shop Logo Design by The Logo Smith

How These Logos For Sale Come To Be

Over the course of my 25 years within the logo design industry, I've accumulated 100's, possibly 1000's, of unused logo designs, client rejected logo designs, logo concept, and many more doodles and sketches of possible logo designs that just didn't come to be.

In some cases I'm able to reuse or adapt an existing 'unused design for a new client, but more often than not: I'm seeing my library of these 'unpublished' designs just collecting digital dust, which is quite a waste I think.

I therefore decided it would be a nice little income earner to start making these 'unused and unseen' logo designs and concepts, available to buy almost 'off-the-shelf', with some minor tweaks and changes.

A lot of these Logos for Sale are the result of many weeks, sometimes months, of: research, mind-maps, doodling and sketching, designing and tweaking, backwards and forwards with the client, yet for many different reasons many don't see the light of day.

These designs are not just randomly made in 10 minutes, but ARE the result of my many years of experience, and close working relationship with each past client. You are therefore buying a supremely awesome value for money logo design, at a fraction of the cost of most bespoke logo design projects that I am commissioned to develop and design.


Most of these Logos for Sale will be around the VERY reasonable price £500+, and will all include: custom wording of your choice, change of font style (if required), letterhead & business card design (if required), colour options, and various logo lock-up's.

Most importantly: all of these logos are sold just the once. This means: you are buying full copyright and ownership of the design.

Design Exclusivity is so important in logo and brand identity.

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