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The Art of Logo Design Video by Off Book from PBS

The Art of Logo Desig, by PBS Off Book, is a terrific video that goes on to consider the actual thought, and artistic thinking, that can go into many of the logo and symbol designs that we view every single day.

A video presentation like this is a nice way to better appreciate the true value of a well thought out logo design. Now we need to get this video out there, like proper out there, so that as many people as possible—and I’m thinking potential people/companies considering a new logo design—can soak it all up.

Don’t assume that all people who use sites like 99Designs are doing so to purposefully spite you, or the design community—that attitude is a little arrogant and toxic—many just are not even aware of what benefits can be soacked up by hiring an experienced logo designer over a ‘cheap and quick’ design.

I have a number of clients who tried 99Designs first as it was the simplest way, at the time, to get a logo. Then subsequently realising it was a bad bad mistake thus needing someone with skill to pull them back out of the pit. Sure, there are many cheap skates who know the value of a good logo design, but don’t care to invest in it. That’s there loss, and nothing for you to get worked up over.

How about focusing on spreading a positive and constructive message, rather than spitting out vitriolic NoSpec! poison every chance you get.

Some ‘interesting’ comments as always on a YouTube video.

The Art of Logo Design features: Stephen Heller,, Sagi Haviv,, Kelli Anderson, and Gerard Huerta,


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