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Not really a surprise to hear all the differing thoughts and opinions being voiced after Apple's WWDC2010 (World Wide Developer Conference) rather spunky logo was unveiled. Everything from shock, awe, sadness to "this is Apple's new brand logo" which was probably muttered in disdain and/or shock.

I, for one, am loving that Apple feel they can have some fun with their monochromatic brand mark since Steve Jobs departed this world.

Some have expressed that it's highly irresponsible of such a major brand player to abuse the Apple logo in such a filthy manor. I think that's just poppycock of the highest magnitude.

Lighten up you grey grey sad sad people.

Apple's logo has such familiarity, and stands for so much in terms of creativity and outstanding innovation, that they can utterly do what the blazes they want with their logo. The only inappropriate logo change would be a physical change of form and outline.

Please Apple: I would love to see more colourful manifestations of your iconic logo.

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