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Seems that this new Apple Bluetooth Keyboard is causing some small moans and cries about the missing 'delete' key which has always been on the far right near the numerical keypad.

Have read so many reviews of users in despair over the loss of the 'delete' key. We need to clarify that the 'delete' key in question is not the standard 'backspace' key about the 'return' key, although in my opinion it does what the 'delete' key should do, which is to delete backwards and not forwards. Say what?

Apple Wireless  Keyboard - English

I have been in publishing since the Apple Mac Classic, first edition of Quark... yada yada. So Im quite familiar with the keyboards of time yesterday.

Image:Macintosh classic.jpg
And for my sins, have never used the DELETE key, didn't even know what it did. (Well, ofcourse I know what Delete means, but what I mean is that I just never used it, as I used another method that was handed down to me eon's ago-must of been a reason for it initially!) Probably something to do with the pride of being a keyboard key combo shortcut wizard.
Why? I have always used 'Shift' 'Backspace' (or what I actually call the real delete key, top right over return to save any confusion', to delete frontwards).

Just commonly called 'Shift Delete'. The key combo is quite natural to use. So when used with the 'shift' key, it is easier to toggle between 'backspacing' and 'forward spacing', in my opinion, anywho.

So to all you who are worried about not having a Delete Key with 'Apple's New Wireless 'stumpy' Keyboard', I really don't think you will find it an issue once you get used to the 'Shift Delete'.

I dont have the keyboard myself. But Time4Balance must now consider a purchase, just because.

Drooling over the pics and reading other users comments on it. I find the standard keyboard just too long. Once you add a mouse mat, trying to have a book to the side or any other reference material causes for some serious desk shuffling. I can see the new keyboard letting up so much valuable space that really will make a difference to your productivity.

It certainly looks like the perfect tool to aid Flexible Working, not just bound to a table or office, but on your lap. Thats somewhat wishful thinking, as not much can be done without a mouse, but maybe a keyboard integrated joystick, similar to the NokiaE61 would be a welcome addition to this keyboard.

Personally, I just need to know the Apple Keyboard performs OK when doing web developing and in application's like Photoshop etc. I have personally never used the extended numerical keypad, except for Quark where the 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' keys are a life-saver, but I rarely use Quark anymore, at least not doing designing industrial size brochures and catalouges.

Is anyone using it for real WEB design/developing? How does it function?

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