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You are struggling to find that one idea that will bring this logo project to a winning conclusion.

Progress has been choppy, your nerves are frayed, and you no longer believe in your ability to deliver as well as having more abandoned sketches and concepts than you feel comfortable with.

This is all too common; I often find myself wondering if this is that job that will prove impossible to tame.

The Solution?

Get drunk.

Seriously, it works. OK, when I say drunk I don't mean mullered/pissed/fucked/blotto. That level of drunkenness would be irresponsible and reckless, but I do mean a drink or two to calm the nerves and allow the build-up of doubt to vent off.

During the sketching and idea phase of a project I have been known to take myself off down to a local bar in town, fully loaded with my creative gear.

Buy myself a nice refreshing pint of lager  find a comfortable table to sit down at with my sketch book and pencils all ready to work.

Without a shadow of a doubt a change of location for a freelancer is crucial when things are getting on top of you or you are at an impasse with a project. Just getting yourself out of cabin fever mode can be hugely beneficial.

I'll usually make a point of getting into town for around 5pm usually a time when people start dropping in after their official work day. I don't like going somewhere too quite or lifeless as I like a few people milling around. I find that when I am in work mode in a coffee shop or pub I seem easily able to block out everything around me and just get on with the task at hand.

From Experience

After having a few sips of cool refreshing Stella or Bullmers my mind state relaxes and becomes more free-flowing. Once this happens then the sketches become more fluid, I'll explore more random ideas and my hand seemingly having a mind of it's own.

A number of times when I have been struggling with ideas the trip to the pub as resulted in either: the winning idea, or at least a better idea of the approach needed to take. Even the latter is a huge boost to the confidence.

We use drink to relax when times are hard or to just enjoy time with friends so it makes sense in this situation as well.

If your creative thought process is so wound up with conflicting thoughts and doubts then it's no wonder things can get harder and harder.

Moderation and Responsibility

I am not condoning the excessive use of alcohol of course, but I am suggesting that with a change of scenery and one or two refreshing drinks the path to your creative nirvana can/could be unlocked.

Make the trip into town a reward for all the hard work so far done and maybe even treat yourself to a pub dinner whilst you are there to soak up the beer.

Having a few drinks can often free the mind to allow more creative and unhindered creative thinking.

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