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It's hard to find a balance with content. Easy if you are writing a personal Blog or Journal, pretty much anything goes. But the moment you develop a Business Type Front End, then you have to be a bit more choosy over what you write about.


Twitter has been great as it allows me to just ramble on about nonsense through out the day, but I do miss feeling that I can't really write anything less than Semi Professional on my own site. It is a site for potential customers, thats for sure, but it's also an extension of who I am. Being creative means all dimensions, thoughts, ideas, visual, audio, etc. So I really feel I should not be trying to force a sterile environment here.

So one way is to use Twitter Tools, and set up the options to publish a daily digest of your Twitterings as a blog post. This I have been doing and is a good way to keep an archive of the thoughts as they happen. Also, any links you include on your Twitters help you with your Deep linking and Google stuff.

I created a Twitter Category so all the digests get put there, and made a small Featured Place for them on the bottom right just about my actual Twitter Tools in my foot. So they are there to see if anyone is interested. But not so in your face.

But I need to take this a step further and actually post about stuff direct on my blog and not make this blog a soul less entity. It needs some warmth, some personality and some life. So I am going to be writing mini posts from time to time. These will not be a big feature, but will be next to the Twitter Feature Category space at the bottom.

See how this goes.

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