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I'm not adverse to putting some light relief on my Blog, but also certainly do not want it to become littered with uTube clips, but there are just some occasions when you just simply have to just go with your instinct, especially when you have StumbleUpon something as great as this. 

I came across this exactly a year ago, so felt time to resurface it again.

This is a Flash 'Shockwave' animated interactive demo. Wonderful.

4 Singing Horses

This Flash demo is simple, it's light hearted, it's melodic, it's interactive and darn good fun. One thing for sure children will love it to bits, but adults equally, I can tell you you will love this. It has had me occupied for minutes, tempted to say hours, but the point is this. You add up all those little minutes and when I look back over the week, I realise this site has taken a fair chunk of them. I just can't help it, I keep ending up back here.

I tried in vain to locate a downloadable file for this. In preference to hogging this chap's bandwidth, but was unable to, so this links you straight to the source.

Go for it... Oh, and one more thing. Small head's up. When the page loads, don't just sit there ideally expecting something to automatically happen, because it just won't. I feel quite dumb for allowing myself to spend the amount of time I did just staring blankly at it... Also have your volume turned up, don't want to miss the audio now.

The filename is : hestekor.swf

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