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Always one to look out for inspiring and original brand identities and logotype designs, I have been a wondering around the interweb in search of a fresh supply. 

Logo design is what I do, and I have wanted to put together a series of logo designs of my own choosing, but without using the 'usual suspects' from the 'usual sources'.

The logo's shown in this post are likely to be a little different to the examples in many of the other logo inspiration list posts.

Offering something a little different in terms of ideas and trends.

I have called the post the 'Have You Seen These Series' as I want to imply that indeed, you may not have seen these logos in you're usual travels.


Inspiration from Further Afield

What I have done over the last few months is to keep a list of names and URL's of designers that I have come across from all over the interweb.

For this reason, some of the logos I have chosen may not be of the 'usual' style found on sites like Creattica or LogoPond. Some have been found via deep, deep searches in Behance, where this is the case, I have linked to the designers home web site, opposed to the Behance profile.

Some are brave, experimental, odd even weird. Many are just simply new and novel, pushing the boundaries of type focused logo design.

These are logo designs that appeal to me for any number of reasons. They are not just based on initial thoughts, I am looking for variety in styles and methods.

Have you Seen These LogoType Designs Series - Part 1

In Part 1, the logos are type orientated, in that they use only type or sets of characters to convey the message. They are free of icons and imagery.

This style of logo design is one that I love, the logos are message focused, they are bold and strong, yet they can also be smooth and subtle. The emotion of the message changes with the typeface used.

Focus on typography in the logotype, guarantees, if you can pull it off, a strong and memorable message.

They are also often free of colours, usually one solid colour, or a 2nd high light colour. Clever use of letters, characters and shapes can create interesting and brand relevant logomarks.

Creating a logotype is a challenge, and there is a fine line between a emotionless bundle of words, and a powerful logo design.

LogoType Inspiration



Designer : Mel Campbell


Designer : Assen Petrov


Designer : Niklas Rosén


Designer : Ivan Manolov


Designer : Eli Horn


Designer : MediaOne

Logotype Inspiration

Designer : SB Studio



Designer : Maxim Orlovsky


Designer : Kliment Kalchev


Designer : Kliment Kalchev

Logotype Inspiration

Designer : Sara Haraigue

Logotype Inspiration

Designer : Studio KXX

Part 2 will continue the journey with type focused logo designs and identities. Further posts will focus on specific trends and styles.


I am currently taking on logo and brand identity projects. If you are looking for a logo designer, then look at my quote form. If you just want to ask me some questions then contact me. I have many other logos and designs on display in my portfolio.


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This free font: Apple-Sans-Adjectives is certainly quite fun, and intriguing, but not so sure on the practical side of things

Apple-Sans-Adjectives was designed [email protected] & @Rich_Cahill, and they have kindly made this font available as a freed