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MonoExpression is a fun photography based creative side project that I set up last year. It's goal: to collect as many black & white portraits of creative souls. For no other reason than, because I can, I love photography and I especially love black & white portraits. Here are ten portraits I picked to show you what is going on over there.

For the people I rubbed shoulders with online, I set about asking them if they would mind parting with a portrait for me to display on MonoExpression.

Some faces you may know - Part 1

Here are ten portraits I picked to show you what is going on over there. There will be another ten in a week or so. The links below will take you to the appropriate page for the person show on MonoExpression.

10 Portraits at Monoexpression

Leigh Caraccioli - Public Portrait - @fleurdeleigh

Rajesh Pancholi - Public Portrait - @r27

Misty Belardo - Public Portrait - @mistygirlph

Aaron Michael Irizarry - Public Portrait - @aaroni268

Kenroy George - Public Portrait - @kengeo

Elizabeth (Firggy) - Public Portrait - @firgs

Jeff Fisher - Public Portrait - @logomotives

Kyle Steed - Public Portrait - @kylesteed

EarthXplorer - Public Portrait - @earthxplorer

Rob Barrett - Public Portrait - @robbarrett

imjustcreative summer-portrait-pic
Graham Smith - Public Portrait - @imjustcreative

Want to be part of it?

If you are a creative in any field, and would like to be included, then head on over to MonoExpression for details on how to submit a photo.

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This free font: Apple-Sans-Adjectives is certainly quite fun, and intriguing, but not so sure on the practical side of things

Apple-Sans-Adjectives was designed [email protected] & @Rich_Cahill, and they have kindly made this font available as a freed